Tuesday, August 16

EXO'rDIUM Bangkok Global Package

I've decided to make a blog post on EXO'rDIUM Bangkok Global Package since I didn't find any helpful information when I was looking for one.

The concert will be held on the 9th & 10th of August 2016.



Wednesday, August 20


Hello beautiful people,

Its been so long since my last update (as I have never regularly update it.. kekekeke). Starting with my life, I have now quit from my old company to a new one (mind you the pay was good). The stress from it all was not bearable for me till the point of breakdown and I have decided to leave the company before I do harm to myself. My new job is pretty lack back but not so much in the financial department, well what do you expect when your job is just the receptionist.. tsk.. tsk..tsk..

I have never been so peaceful coming to work before having this job, previously it was I have to do this, I have to do that, don't forget to send this out, that out and everything. Now my life has become quiet.

Monday, May 20

Cards Collection

Its been a month or so since my last post.. I have bought a LOT of photocards since then. Here's my collection so far.

Tuesday, April 2

Album and Photocard

Hello,  a few weeks I started to bid on ebay since I can't seems to find the photocard that I was looking for.

 3 boxes arrive today, I was over the moon. 


 This is two of the three package, the last one was HUGE and I was too lazy to take a picture of it. Both of these package was from ebay for my photocards.

The third box was from Synnara, I ordered 5 copy of Infinite New Challenge album. 

And now the Photocards. I've been waiting for this particular box for a long time (not really that long but I keep checking it everyday) because of Infinite H photocard that I have been waiting. Finally my collection are complete. Right now I have the full set of Infinite H, Infinite Paradise and Orange Caramel Lipstick. 

My full set collection

And now I have a new photocards that I want to collect. Its EXO-M and K (most probably) 

For now I only have the group and Kris Photocard. I'm planning to collect only type B since A are SO RARE.