Friday, November 30

Best Birthday Gift Ever!!!

A few days ago something amazing had happen to me. The guy that I've been idolizing for the past 4 years finally know that I exist. Park Jae Beom or Jay Park had made a surprise phone call to me wishing for my birthday. I was super excited when I realize its him. He called me on the 27th November (two day early). He called me at 5:34 in the evening. I was busy watching History of a Salaryman when I pick up the phone.

I was curious at first seeing its an international number, I was reluctant at first to pick it up since TM had call me twice asking to answer survey that they're having. The first thing that I went through my mind when I'm about to pick up the phone was. "What did I bought that an international number would call me?" When I pick up the phone, (This is basically the conversation from what I can remember)

Jay: Hello, is this Nurul?
Me: Yes, this is Nurul but Nurul what?
Jay: Nurul Ahmad.
Me: Yes, this is her.
Jay: You'll be celebrating your birthday tomorrow right?
Me: No, my birthday is on the **th so ** days from now.

-Inside my mind, How the heck some guy with damn good English slang knows that I'm gonna celebrate my birthday soon?? How the heck he got that information?? he hack my email?? facebook?? Why does his voice seems soo familiar?? No way?? No! Yes?? Then I ask the million dollar question.

Me: Is this Jay Park?
Jay: Ya.
Jay: What are you doing right now?
Me: Right now I'm watching History of a Salaryman, K-drama.
Jay: Oh, so you're at home right now.
Me: Ya. OMG. OMG. OMG.
Jay: What are you gonna do on your birthday?
Me: Well, I have a cousin's wedding to attend too, so going to a wedding.
( I WAS SO STUPID!!!!! why do I have to tell him that?? I should just lie!!)

Jay: So your not gonna have a party?
Me: No, I have to attend the wedding.
Jay: Oh, ok have fun later.
Me: Oh~ waiting up, one quick question. When are you coming back to Malaysia?
Jay: I'm not to sure~~~ but I'm going to Singapore soon. Oh wait Malaysia, maybe in ******
(here's the problem, I can't remember which month it is but I know it start with M)
Jay: Ya, I'll be coming to Malaysia on ******.
Me: Oh ok.
Jay: Ok, see you in ******
(OMG, he's going to see me in ******?? No way!!!)

Me: Ok.
Jay: Have fun at your party.
Me: Ok, bye.
Jay: Bye.

This is basically what went down that day, it may be short but this is forever gonna be one precious moment for me. I still remember the first sentence he said to me, the way he said my name Nurul. Oh my God!!! I was shaking the whole time and I'm sure he knows it too cuz my voice give it away. lol.

Before this I was super envious of all the people going to concert and fanmeet in Malaysia but right now I'm super happy because a k-pop star just personally called me wishing for my birthday. Thank you Jay Park for making my 23th birthday a memorable one. Love you. 

Sunday, November 25


I've been using my instax camera for about two years now. I'm don't really use the camera only when I'm in the mood or for an occasion, other then that the camera will be safely put away in a beg. That's just me, buying things on impulse and not really thinking of future use of it.

Now instax have become more popular with the crowds in Malaysia. Wow, to think that I've already own two instax camera when only a minority of Malaysians know about it make me proud. Heeeee..

Here are my collection, as you can see its not really that much. Hey what would you expect when I don't really use it in my daily life.

Thursday, November 22

A case of weak stomach

This has been a huge problem with me since I was 12 years old. I can't really intake new food that I'm not familiar with and if the food contain too much of a 'fat' (??). If I'm in a new place I've to be careful of what I'm eating and this has always been a disadvantage for me since I like to try new food. How bad are my case of a weak stomach? you might ask. I can't eat new food that are not familiar with me; no Nasi Ayam, especially the one from Chicken Rice Shop, even thinking about it make me sick; not too much of Durian, max intake that I can handle would be 3 slice and that's it, more then that I'll be doomed. Last month was the worst incident that happen to me. I can't intake any food for 3 days, I keep throwing up, even the medicine. Eating a cracker and going to toilet half an hour later. A horrible experience for me. One that I never want to experience again.

It is known to all that the patients with gastric and intestines must be rather careful to choose suitable foods in daily life. Unhealthy diet can seriously worsen the gastric and intestinal diseases to further endanger the physical health of the human body. Therefore, it is important for people with weak stomach and intestines to avoid the unsuitable foods in everyday life.
First, people should avoid fried foods. The fried foods are always oily and contain high fat. If people are troubled by the intestinal inflammation, the intake of fried foods can cause diarrhea. Therefore, the intake of fried foods must be decreased.
Second, people should decrease the intake of uncooked onions. Onions contain abundant nutrients to protect the heart for the human body. However, the intake of uncooked onions can also cause bellyache for people. People should cook onions to dissolve some chemical compounds.
Third, people should not eat broccoli and uncooked cabbage for dinner. Although the nutrients like cellulose can improve the physical health for people, they can produce gas in the intestines inside the human body. The best way to solve the problem is to boil the broccoli and cabbage thoroughly to dissolve the sulphur substances which can produce gas.
Fourth, people should control the intake of chocolate. The excessive intake of chocolate can relax the lower esophageal sphincter, which can cause the backflow of gastric juice.
Fifth, people should prevent the orange juice. The acidic juice can disturb the digestive tract and stimulate the sensitive nerves. If people drink orange juice during the limosis, the digestive tract can be filled with acidic substances, which can cause bellyache. In addition, the absorption of lemon water can also cause diarrhea among the patients with intestinal diseases.
Sixth, people should not eat peach. The nutritional value of peach is rather high and various nutrients are contained in peach. For example, peach contains abundant iron which plays an important role in preventing anemia for the human body. The pectin contained in peach can also prevent constipation for people. However, it is dangerous for the patients with gastric disease to eat peach, as the patients can not digest the peach successfully. In addition, the excessive intake of peach can cause abdominal distension.
Seventh, people should avoid ice cream in summer. The content of high fat contained in ice cream is high. It is difficult for the patients with gastric and intestinal diseases to digest the ice cream. The bellyache can be easily caused.

In any case maybe I should follow this simple step in making my stomach less weak. 

Tuesday, November 20

Talk of sequel for Answer Me 1997

 There's been a windmill saying that tvN are planning to make a sequel on their hugely popular drama this year, Anwer Me, 1997 (6%). With the rating of the show I'm not so surprise since it break the conventional 1% for cable show rating. The drama are hugely popular among 20-30 viewers since they can relate the story with their own life.

With the rising popularity of the drama, the actors themselves are gaining popularity with their genuine acting that can easily touch the heart of the viewers. Here I'm attaching a post that was made by javabeans:    
When you’ve posted the highest drama ratings for a cable show, it makes sense for sequel talk to ensue, as tvN is doing with its surprise smash hit of the year, Answer Me, 1997. The show snuck up on everyone but built on strong word of mouth, breaking 6% ratings (and hitting real-time highs close to double digits), and making stars out of its rookie-filled cast.
Interestingly, the second “season” won’t be picking up after the end of the first, which took us from 1997 to 2005 to 2012, but will instead jump backward: We’ll all be clamoring, Answer Me, 1994 instead.

The Season 2 plans are just talk right now with nothing concrete, though chances are reportedly “high.” Talk that with a grain of salt, though I don’t see why a second series would be a bad idea. Great premise, great producers, and a love of nostalgia make it an attractive proposition.
Why 1994? Admittedly that’s a year that speaks to me less than 1997, but I suppose us Gen-Y-ers already got our show and our chance to relive our adolescence. Now it’s time for PD Shin Won-ho to dig into his own youth, with 1994 being the year he entered university (Seoul National University, in fact, where he studied chemical engineering. Funny how life takes a turn, isn’t it?).
This also gives us a slightly different pop-cultural landscape to refer to: instead of a soundtrack peppered with H.O.T and DJ DOC, will we get Seo Taiji and Kim Gun-mo and Lee Seung-chul? Actually, I could get really excited about that. And rather than the characters glued to the TV to catch the Cinderella drama Star in My Heart, they can drool over Jang Dong-gun with the basketball hit The Last Match, or Lee Jung-jae in campus rom-com Feelings. Or Sohn Ji-chang in both of them.
Apparently there were a lot of fans hoping for a 2002 version of Answer Me, but I like the idea of going back, not forward. 2002 doesn’t seem far enough back to really hit that nostalgia for bygone youth — at least, not in the way that the added distance of 1994 does. If all goes well, maybe 2002 can be the third series.

I'm really looking forward for this drama. I'm hopping that Shin Won-ho PD will create a similar nostalgic that he had bring in Answer Me, 1997. I'm looking forward to eagerly waiting for Tuesday night for the video to be uploaded. Ah, such dedication on drama that I can never forgot.   

Sunday, November 18


The first time I heard the name I thought he's a Japanese but he turn out to be Korean. He's a famous Pianist and Composer that have studied in London since he's 11 years old. The first time I saw him was on a program show call 'Strong Heart' from there I know that he's a famous pianist and composer (he composed Kissing The Rain for about 5 minutes, he got the inspiration while walking home from his class in the rain). I was shock to know that he's married to a beauty pageant (Miss Korea 1999) but seeing his achievement and his background, he's bound to meet someone famous. 

I don't really took notice of his music until today. I saw someone posting a fan video on Yiruma Kiss The Rain and I have the urge to click on that link, it lead me to google the original version and now I'm in love with his music. The most famous composition from Yimura are Kiss The Rain, May Be and River Flows in You. 

I decided to listen to all three of his songs and they are amazing. The songs 'River Flows in You' in my opinion is about admiring and praising the beauty of his love one, telling the story of love to the audience. But there is a hit a sadness in it that keeps you wondering. Such a beauty that have a story to be told.


'May Be', compare to the previous song, this song is more brighter and have the feel of being in love. It remind me of the first moment that you realize that your in love. Having those beautiful thought of what can happen between the two of you. The question is he/she hold the same feeling as you do? 'May Be'

Kiss The Rain, the song really hit my heart. Its full of sadness that can overpower anyone. The music tell the story of the pain and agony of losing someone that is dear to you. Losing your love while he/she is still there in your heart, logging for something that will never be yours, the impossible. Its like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Overall I can say is that its a goodbye song, saying a goodbye to a person that you'll never meant to. 'Kissing The Rain'


Sunday, November 11

Online Shopping

One of my poison in this world is online shopping. Its an addictive activity that will strain your bank account in so many ways. Damn you internet banking. I've been hooked with online shopping for about 3 years now, starting when I've learn the world of K-pop. I've been buying a lot of album from different artist and right now I have about 20 or so album that are cramp inside my small cupboard (trying to hide it from my mom).

The bad thing about this hobby is that I don't really listen to the CD, when it arrive home I just look and browse through the photobook and that's it. I don't listen to the CD, I don't regularly look at the photobook and I don't even touch the album, I just left it there in my cupboard. This is a love and hate relationship, I just love the excitement of receiving a new album and I hate it when I'm not fully utilizing the album that I've bought.

And just now I just saw someone selling a 2PM concert album for RM50. How on earth can I resist that?? I have to buy it. Damn you facebook.  

Sunday, November 4

[Fans Goods] After School Nana Fansite Imnana914 2013 Calender + Fancam CD

[Fans Goods] After School Nana Fansite Imnana914 2013 Calender + Fancam CD


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5*7 sized photo(2) / 4*6 sized photo(2) / photocard(4)

1 set : RM110 (Include shipping and postage) 
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