Saturday, December 24

Ojakgyo Brother

So today post is related to k-drama. Ojakgyo Brother that are currently airing in KBSW and KBS. This drama have been on air for a couple of months, the reasons that I'm watching this drama was because After School U-ie are one of the main actress in this family drama.

It is widely known in the k-entertainmnet that KBS produce one of the best weekend family drama there is. The first family drama that was able to grab my attention was My too perfect sons (Son of soul family). I just love the drama because it was different from you heavy weekdays drama that i have been constantly expose too. The recipe for weekend drama (from what I know) is that they tried not to bring too many emotion at one episode or time, its a light drama that can be easily digest by everyone rather rather than being sucked in too quickly to the story.

Ojakgyo brother have the very recipe of a good weekend drama, the story is light with not too much of a dramatic incident, there are a few cute moment of love line in it and no bad character that we love to hate. The story manage to suck everyone in it with its slow and steady paste.

I'm not gonna elaborate more on the story because you can just google it up. For those who are new or have never watch the drama, I highly suggest it, for your own pleasure viewing. Here are some important link that you need to know when you want to watch the drama.

LINK The channel owner regularly update the channel with Ojakgyo subs episode and unsub. She will post her sub video every week, so make sure to subscribe to her channel. This page gave you the latest OST. for those who are unable to wait for the sub version to be release, you can go here  to read the latest recap.

I assure you that this drama won't disappoint you. 

One of my favorite OST in the drama:

Sunday, December 18

Orange Caramel

Orange Caramel, something that is sweet and at the same time have a tangy feel to it. That was the idea from the President of Pledis Entertainment when he decide to name the first ever After School sub-unit. Orange Caramel consist of three member from After School: Raina (the leader), Nana (the face), Lizzy (the maknae).

The concept of Orange Caramel is something that is new to the K-pop scene, where the lyrics of their song would make people curls up their finger and toes (When I first heard their song that was my first reaction and so does other people too) people were skeptical about their concept but Orange Caramel have proof them wrong by giving out great performance and be able to be a hit among the nation.

With their unique concept, people have been praising them for being able to pull it off. Some even said that they were the first one to bring up the concept and it is uniquely just for them. When people said Orange Caramel people would immediately know who they are and what kind of concept they  have. They are not your average k-pop girl group who would have a different concept in each comeback, but every time they made a comeback they still manage to surprise the audience with their cute dance move, addictive lyrics and a little over the top costume, but they that what I love the most about Orange Caramel, they are unique and in my opinion irreplaceable.

   Magic Girl

Bangkok City

Shanghai Romance

After School

Hello, before continuing on the entry I would like to warn you that this post is about K-pop. So bare with me for those who dare to read it.

For those of you who have known me must know that I'm a HUGE fan of After School. After School is a South Korea girl group that was form in 2009 by Pledis Entertainment (one of the most beloved entertainment there are [in my opinion]). When they first debut they tried to have a concept that is similar to the Pussycat Dolls, and thus bringing in the image of sexy, fierce and powerful women on the stage. I was attracted to the group because of the concept itself and I know its not easy to bring that image to the scene where all of the nation prefer something that is cute. When I saw their performance, I was hooked. They have the image of a powerful women and at the same bringing out time the sexy flare within them. They were like my wonder women, for me they hold the image of what every women wants, to be someone who is powerful, have control over your own decision and know that you are worth all the trouble. From that moment on, I have been idolizing them and setting them as my role-model.

They debut with the single "AH!" with 5 member: Kahi, JungAh, Soyoung, Juyeon and Bekah. This is the 1st generation of After School. With the concept of enrolling and graduating, members of After School can easily decide to withdraw from the group if they have found a suitable path for them to go on. They debut on the 15 of January 2009 where there single has been release.

On that same year April 9th, After School release their 2nd single call "Diva". With the new single they have also in-cooperated a new member into their line-up of 5 members, making it 6. U-ie joins the group proving that After School is the only idol group in Korea who have the unique systems of admission and graduation.

October 29th, After School 1st generation member Soyoung decided to withdrew from the group to take up her passion in acting. When the news broke out, there are rumors of 2 new admission to the group. Raina and Nana join the group on the 25th November together with After School third single "Because of you". After School achieve new height with this new single were they have won mutizen award for it.

After School made their comeback on March together with yet another new member, Lizzy. The new single called "Bang". The concept of the album have been greatly influence by the movie Drumline. After School made a buzz in the K-pop scene where all of the member have been practicing drum for 5 months for this comeback.

April 29 marks the release of After School 1st full-length album called Virgin together with a new comer to the group E-Young. "Shampoo" is the promotional song for the album where as "Let's step up" is the intro track for the album. For "Let's step up", After School would performed it with a dance tap routine.

Jun 16, is one of the saddest history in After School calendar where on of the 1st generation of After School decide to graduate. Bekah decided to pursue her dream to become a designer and has released her graduation work, a solo track titled Take Me To The Place.

This is a short synopsis of After School, to tell you the truth I miss the old After School where the bring out the concept of a powerful women. Although they are gaining more popularity nowadays, I still prefer their original concept where most of the people decided not to give them a second glance.

This is only me 2cent, don't really take it to your heart if you have some disagreement of my choice of words. I'm just trying to write what I really thought of them and they still are my favorite group in the K-pop scene.

p/s: to get more info on After School, you can wiki it up. The information are pretty reliable. Some of the info here are taken from wiki e.g the date.

p/s/s: will upload picture and video of After School on the next post.

Friday, December 16

Westlife no more

I just know about this today!! Westlife are about to disband?? NO!!!!

I'm regretting my decision for not attending their recent concert in Malaysia few months back and now I heard that they gonna do their farewell tour in UK and Ireland. Why only there? not the whole world??
I know that I kinda have been abandoning them for this past few years but still they have a very special place in my heart and memory.

I can still remember the first time i watch their MV on TV2 and I immediately fall in love with them. It was about 10PM it was in between show that they show If I Let You Go MV. In that instant I reminded myself to check on the group and since then they have been forever in my heart. I learn to LOVE English because of them. They were my motivation because in my delusional mind I believe that one day I will be able to meet them and talk to them.

I bought their album (cassette and CD) since I was in primary school ( I was a collector since I was small LOL) I have been their fans for 14 years and this new is a great shock for me. Just a few days ago I was thinking to myself  " I think I should buy again all their album"  and to be greeted with this devastating news.

Westlife you will forever be in my heart, I will cherish all the memories about you dearly.

They will forever be 5 in my heart. Thank you for the great memories. I will forever cheer for your next career/decision.

Thursday, December 15

CNBlue cute socks

with the spirit of Christmas just around the corner our lovely unni hurul_aini has yet another giveaway to give to all of us. yipes!! The lovely item for this giveaway are CNBlue cute socks!!

Aren't they super lovely?

The giveaway will end on the 26th of December 2011 at 11.59PM. So for anyone who are interested to join can simply follow a few simple rules that are stated in the entry and its all simple like an A,B,C. You just have to follow her on twitter (I have given the link) and her FB (for that you have to find it for yourself), for more chances to win these lovely socks there are a few optional post that you need to do. I repeat OPTIONAL, you don't really have to do it but it will give you high chance to win. For those who are interested in joining the contest here is the link.. So good luck to everyone. Hope you can make it.

Christmas (Random Post)

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy new year~

That time of the year have come again. White snow flake covering every tree and roads around your house, sitting by the fireplace drinking hot coco to keep yourself warm and anticipating Christmas present that will be your when you open your gift under the Christmas tree. Days fill with joy from every corner where everyone is busy preparing for the big day. Children playing around their backyard building snow man and playing sleigh and that only can be applied in some part of the world only.

Christmas in Malaysia is filled with artificial snow, snowman and Christmas tree. Malaysia being one of the few country who are lucky enough to be position on the Equator line will be celebrating Christmas with sunshine (or rainfall seeing that KL have been flooding this past few days).

Merry Christmas Everyone.. 

Wednesday, December 14

Why am i doing this again?

Have not been visiting this place often am I? I'm not an avid blogger I admit that but letting this page to be abandon is such a waste, I just spent half an hour browsing through my post that I have made this couple of years. My writing have improve I must say compare to the old days (thank god). From here on now I promise that i will update this blog at least once a week (for the purpose of entertaining myself, LOL.

Wokey, here's the recap of my life for the past couple of years. I have now finish my studies at Unisel for Bachelor Degree (Hons) Tesl. (yeah for me) Took four years of my life to be stuck there in Bestari Jaya. People may say that four years is a long time but for me it seems like it was just last year I entered Unisel. Most of the thing have become a blur to me only good memories and the bad once that are stuck in my head, there are still bit and pieces that I remembered but its just that, not much details can be explore. Overall I can say that Unisel has been good to me, it gave me experience that I know I wouldn't be able to experience it anywhere else. It has also gave me one of the most important thing in life, Friendship.

I have meet numerous people while studying there, most of them come and gone but only a handful of them stay to help me through tough time and I will always be grateful for their kindness. I'm not a friendly person, I tend to put sentimental feeling aside I admit that, that's just me, I tried to hide my weakness and show the facade of a tough girl. For all the harsh and mean words that I have say to my friends (you know who you are) I'm really sorry, i didn't mean it.

Enough with the sad part of my life, its now time to move on to a better chapter. My not so humble K-pop fan girl life. Praise to the god, Allah S.W.T, that I have for once attend a K-pop concert and mind you that I have the best seat in the house (well stadium actually). If u review my previous post you'll notice that I was once a Hottest. 2PM was the first ever Idol group that I went gaga for, and after 3 years of me dreading my life thinking that I would never EVER attend a k-pop concert in my life, god has finally answered my prayers. I won two tickets for 2PM Hands Up Asian Concert recently, it was a rock-pitt ticket, can you imagine that? After all this years.. How ironic life is, as the saying goes, 'What you want is not always what you get' you can say that again, but I assure you that memories will be cherish for the rest of my life. Seeing them in person and up-close bring sweet memories where I use to spazz about them with my fellow Hottest. I miss those memories :( (sadly I didn't bring camera to the concert [I don't have a camera that why])

Currently I have a new Idol group obsession, well not exactly new, I have been a fan since their debut days. Infinite have been able to grab my attention since their first stage in Mnet Countdown, with their synchronize dance move and with good looks, they have been in my heart for over a year. For those whose asking am I still a palygirlz? the answer is YES. I'm still a HUGE fan of After School and I'm proud of it.

Regarding the title of this post, I was suppose to do an entry about CNBlue socks giveaway.. i'm gonna post that in the next post. I think I have rant enough for today. That is all from me, bye all.

Wednesday, May 11


Hello all.. olaenman-iya..
after the end suffering of theater come more devastating subject to handle..
practicum... the one and only thing that i have been dreading all this time in my degree life..
2 weeks (sort of) has passed since my 1st day attending the school..
oh how i wish the time can go fast or be fast forwarded...
it seems that august is a light year away from now...
the school is ok just that the pricipal haas a problem with unisel students.. so that will officially put us in his bad side.. his nunbich-i... bring goosebump.. so i way to be safe.. AVOID the principal at ALL cost... hehehehehe
the teacher is ok.. the students so far ok.. well i havent even star teaching, the school is buzy with examination..
most probably will enter the class after school holiday..
well be teaching form 4, i hve been assigned to two class, 4 Marikh (Mars) and 4 Zuhal (Saturn)

p/s: Saturn is the last class... die!!!

Monday, March 7

End of semester

It's been a bumpy road this semester
with all the things going on with classes, assignments and theater..
thank god our misery have ended (for theater at least) it was a chapter that i will never ever wanna open again.. too much drama.. hate it, though there are some memories that i would like to keep.. laughing with my friends while painting.. i'm sure gonna miss those precious moments..
next-up final examination... the day of judgement (for this sem) hehehehe
i don't even realize that time do fly as quickly as they can,
it seems that just yesterday that i register for this sem..
4 paper to be study upon.. thank god it isn't as many as before...
when final examination is over there's only 2 week break and then practicum..
the day that i've been avoiding for all the years i've been studying here..
not that i don't wanna graduate but can we graduate without doing practicum?
i have no social skills what so ever.. i'm not good with kids..

Tuesday, February 1


Saya suka awak,
awak suka saya tak?

Saya rindu awak,
awak rindu saya tak?

Saya selalu teringatkan awak,
awak ingatk saya tak?

I wish i have the courage to tell him this..
but i couldn't master myself to utter those words..
i'll always find a reasons just to see his face, to look at him but never once did i said "I like you"
Yes i admit that i'm a coward,
but i'm just too afraid that i will be rejected..

If you're reading this and your answers if yes,
please ask me those question..
and if its no..
forever hold your silents..

Sunday, January 30

Rainy day

Hari ini sya dan member sya kuar makan...
makan kat Sri Kampung Kuala Selangor..
after dat we head to Tesco, sharon me and ani was tired and suddenly
i rememver that tesco ada arcade..
from the car itself i shouted "I'm going to the arcade!!"
sharon pun excited.. d arcade was buzy and kmi dua orng ja grown up yg main game..
semua orng tgk2 ni.. hehehe :P
me and sharon play this 1 game.. sungguh best... we spent like rm20 just for that game.. will upload the vid later..

Sunday, January 23

Crying again..

What the heck is wrong wit me dis week..
i'vee been crying 3 times already...
i miss home... T___T..
i wanna go home... T_______T
i'm crying while looking for a ticket back home..

Thursday, January 20

Crying... T_T

Oh god.. wat am i doing rite now.. its 3 AM in the morning and now i'm crying while posting this post..
i don't know whats happening to me.. suddenly all the tears seems to be freeing themselves from my eyes.. knp sekarang??? i hven't cried for more than 2 months.. so maybe its time.. T_T
i miss my family rite now.. seeing the FB page make me miss them so damn much.. seeing their picture making my eyes full with tears... seeing their happy face without me in the pic.. T____T
i udah terlepas my cousin wedding.. i didn't attend it.. T___T seeing the wedding pic make me more T_____________T
i wanna GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15


It was a few days ago when a few of my friends decided to splurge themselves with new things... ^^

So it was 5 of us.. Sharon, Bell, Ani, Yana and me were on our way to paint the town red.. (and we sure did) huuhuhu our destination is Sungei Wang.. one of the most promising mecca of shopping mall in Malaysia.. our aim is only i repeat ONLY yo buy Ani's new phone and some clothes for the TESL nite (which i don't even think of attending it, not my cup of tea) so when we was there Yana try to find a shop to fix her phone that has been KO for a few days... ( i told you to buy touch scree) next Ani's phone.. huhu.. then Sharon decided to enter a CD shop and she grab two movie.. hehe both are in Chinese.. :( then we jalan2.. as we all know that Sungei Wang is popular with its range of nice clothing/shoes/ bag etc.. and its CHEAP!! not that cheap la but still in our range.. so we were buzy browsing around.. i was torn between two pairs of shoes in VOIR.. mine you that i hve bought a pair of shoes a few weeks back and i hven't even wear it once.. yana keep nagging to me saying that "Ko tak pakai lgi kan kasut ko yg ari tu?" huhuhu.... and yet i still wanna buy a new pair of shoes.. i once bought a pair of shoes in the exact same shope and i only wear in 3-5 times.. :P

So i bli ja.. hahahaha.. then we round2 from LG to 1st floor.. may i remind you that Sungei Wang is not that small and we will masuk every kedai that catch our attention.. huhuhu.. owh ya.. when we was on the sme level as the vincci store Sharon had bought a baju and opposite of the shop is a denim store.. damn.. one of the sales person is CUTE!!!!!!!! well actually two of them but ani only notice one person.. :( and yes during our shopping trip, i was in heaven.. meeting all the cute guys.. :D and damn, there is one CUTE boy!!!!! he has this mix kinda face, like Japanese and Chinese.. * Squeal* I first notice him when me and Bell were on our way from CD shop to meet up with the other, he was with his friends (i think) at one of the many kiosk.. i made a little gasp when i first lay my eyes on him (OMG my word)
i told Bell but she buat xtau ja.. :( sobs... then we truskan our mission of finding bju for TESL nite.. at one of the store (costume store i guess, they hve lots of mask especially for masquerade.. nice..) suddenly the cute boy enter the store... damn i was spazzing so much.. i call up ani and told her bout the boys.. (yes, he's a boy.. not a guy.. i think he's 14-16 .. between that range *pedo mode*) and i think he notice and he keep smiling.. *squeal* ( ala, this would be the 1st and the last time we would meet.. so lantak la kan...) sye pun senyum je la... huhuhu.. after that we decided to take our lunch (it was 5, so tea??) in KFC.. i wanna see dung dung sai!!!!!!!!! it has been 3 years since i last saw dung dung sai.. WANNA SEE IT!!!! :( hate celebrating CNY here.. :(

So overall our outing was a SUCCESS!!!!!! we bought new things.. hehehe.. i bought two bag and 1 pair of shoes ( i wanna buy another 1 pair but they said NO.. :( )

Sunday, January 9

Instax mini 25

And now i can finally cross of Mini Instax 25 in my wish list cuz i hve OWN it NOW!!!!!!!
happy mode..