Saturday, June 27

SNSD.. Tell me your wish (Genie) MV sub

SNSD/Girls Generation have release their new single from their mini-album.. Tell me your wish (Genie) is it going to be a hit as GEE??? i pun xtau, haven't watch the MV.. there is a lot of leg candy in this MV, i'm sure a lot of ahjushi and oppa out there loveee the MV... hehehe


credit to wondersmurf/coolmurf

Friday, June 26

SuJu @ Super Junior.. It's You MV, Dance & Drama version (sub)

So this is their second single after Sorry Sorry.... I personally like this song.. there are only 12 member in this MV, Kim Kibum is MIA, he only made an cameo appearance without any line (does he sing in this song? i don't think so)in the MV, and a no show in the dance version.. is he that buzy? till he can't even participate in the group activities (same thing happen in the 1st MV, Kim Kibum is a no show in the Sorry Sorry MV) enough about me rambling.. so here is the MV.. i just take this from youtube.. credit wondersmurf a.k.a coolsmurf... ENJOY

Thursday, June 25

What Should I Buy? ahh paning....

Its just a plan, and its not fix yet.. i'm planning thinking to splurge my money in some of the items that i've been eying for years... so here it is

should it be:
Nikon D40

LG Arena

for the camera i know it's kinda shocking, cuz even my fwen was shocked as hell heaven hearing me talking bout buying the camera.. no thanks to my dad.. he's the one who brainwashed me saying that camera like dat works like wonders, he especially keen on NIKON so that's why i prefer NIKON rather than CANON.. should it be NIKON or CANON... cuz my fwen suggested to me to buy CANON cuz she said byk spear part here in Malaysia..

so please help me in making d decision????

Saturday, June 20

4 minute Hot Issue...

It's seems like there is always a group that would show up in the kpop world.
Just a few days ago an all girl group consisting of 5 member debuted.
they named themselves 4 minute, under the management of Cube Entertainment (subsidiary of JYP Entertainment). Even before the debut they had created a lot of buzz (i think its because the former wonder girls member Hyun Ah).
The member are
Ji Yoon, Ga Yoon, Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and So Hyun. There is a lot of critism for this new group saying that they are following the sytle of 2NE1 and After School.
The group 1st performance was a downer (the sound system on Mnet is so horrible, even the performance by 2pm was a downer).
the 2nd performance on MuBank was an improvement, for a new group to be performing on stage for the very 1st time, they seems to be at ease about it, i was expecting some of the group member to have the stiff facial expression (just like Uee from After School and Park Boom of 2ne1 on their first onstage performance) but they suprise me. So here it is the MV, 1st performance (Mnet) & 2nd performance (MuBank), you'll be the judge of it..

Monday, June 8

2NE1 Fire MV .... Enjoy

2NE1 is a four-member hip-hop and R&B group composed of CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom and Gong Min Ji. The group is YG's new all-female group, which debuted in March of 2009. Though they are not officially debuting until May of 2009, they have already released a song with Big Bang titled “Lollipop”. Lollipop was released as a promotional song for a Cyon Cellphone CF. All 4 have been YG Trainees and have been preparing for their debut for 4 years. 2NE1 was previously promoted as Female Big Bang and 21, YG officially stopped using 21 because another group was using the name. 2NE1 is supposed to stand for “New Evolution of the 21st Century”. “NE” meaning “New Evolution” and “21” standing for the “21st Century”.
this is their street version of this song.. if u look closely, u can see GD making a cameo apperance in this MV...



Agak intersting tajuk untuk post kli ni... skng ni musim cuti skol,
so d umah 2 byk la invitation 4 weddings day..
like last week me mom and me dad received about 8 weeding invitation..
wow.. banyak 2 tempat mau pe.. 2 pun dat day we sempat pe 6 places...
and this week is my cousin punya weeding.. sayang nya xdpt attend cuz skng udah d Uni..
a bit dissapointed di c2.. bleh dikatakan wedding ni grand sikit la cuz buat kat dewan...
bukan sebarang dewan.. dewan UMSKAL.... hehehehe
skng ni tunggu update dri kak ros 4 d wedding photos..