Monday, March 7

End of semester

It's been a bumpy road this semester
with all the things going on with classes, assignments and theater..
thank god our misery have ended (for theater at least) it was a chapter that i will never ever wanna open again.. too much drama.. hate it, though there are some memories that i would like to keep.. laughing with my friends while painting.. i'm sure gonna miss those precious moments..
next-up final examination... the day of judgement (for this sem) hehehehe
i don't even realize that time do fly as quickly as they can,
it seems that just yesterday that i register for this sem..
4 paper to be study upon.. thank god it isn't as many as before...
when final examination is over there's only 2 week break and then practicum..
the day that i've been avoiding for all the years i've been studying here..
not that i don't wanna graduate but can we graduate without doing practicum?
i have no social skills what so ever.. i'm not good with kids..