Wednesday, May 11


Hello all.. olaenman-iya..
after the end suffering of theater come more devastating subject to handle..
practicum... the one and only thing that i have been dreading all this time in my degree life..
2 weeks (sort of) has passed since my 1st day attending the school..
oh how i wish the time can go fast or be fast forwarded...
it seems that august is a light year away from now...
the school is ok just that the pricipal haas a problem with unisel students.. so that will officially put us in his bad side.. his nunbich-i... bring goosebump.. so i way to be safe.. AVOID the principal at ALL cost... hehehehehe
the teacher is ok.. the students so far ok.. well i havent even star teaching, the school is buzy with examination..
most probably will enter the class after school holiday..
well be teaching form 4, i hve been assigned to two class, 4 Marikh (Mars) and 4 Zuhal (Saturn)

p/s: Saturn is the last class... die!!!