Sunday, March 28

Polaroid Camera

The new rave of Polaroid and lomo has hit me.. kekeke.. only Polaroid la for me... So i was planning to buy the instax mini series.. but then i remembered that i already have a Polaroid camera at home.. kekeke.. so can save lots of money to buy the film which cost a fortune and to think that i got the camera for free.. kekekeke... few years back my dad bought me a camera and the store man gve the instax camera as a free gift.. wow.. i bet he's regretting it today cuz like everyone wants to take a polaroid now.. kekeke.. but the thing is, my camera is instax 200 and i can only find supplier for instax 210 film.. ehmmmm... so how ah??

Fuji Instax Mini 7s which cost RM250-300.. @_@

Instax 200 (the one at my home) the film cost about RM38 for 1 box equals to 10 piece.. @_@

I just get the feedback from lomo-craze.. YES!!!!! it can be use for instax 200... yipes... now hve to wait for the shipping fees for both stores so i can compare..

edit: so the shipping fees are RM6 and the other one is RM10.. but still don't know which one to choose.. ehmm...


So i just heard this news that DNT gonna come to Malaysia this April.. OMG!! Super excited about it.. been dreaming to see them for a year now.. can't believe its gonna happen.. but there's been a doubt on my behalf about it.. ehmmm.. but last year they did come to Thailand.. i hven't heard any confirmation from Orange Entertainment.. need to contact them.. and i also need to contact the event organizer.. takut its a rip-off like the FT Island and Paran concert..

P/s: the event also with Taegoon.

Monday, March 1