Monday, July 27

Coolsmurf is alive....

coolsmurf is dead alive yeah.. he has made a 5th accnt.. but he has made a decision to not subbed any more MV... sigh.. here's the new accntwondefulsmurf


I'm really into K-entertainment rite now, and i'm so crazy bout this variety show called Family Outing or FO in short, its like the best ever (in my opinion) here's the ramyunsoup to their YT accnt. this is their 2nd accnt cuz the 1st one got warning from YT so they have 2 made a 2nd accnt in order for the 1st one didn't get canceled, click ramensoup for the ist accnt...this is like the best show ever... i highly recommended it for you guys to watch it.. u would be laughing your heart out.. hehehe and i am here to spread the K-E love...

ok now my post is related 2 d title, i'm so in to this FO that i decided to become part of the subbing team, but i can't translate korea so i've decided to apply for a Timer, Typesetter, or even encoder post.. so right now i am googling about it in the web.. and then my cousin suggested to me a briliant idea "looked it up in YT" and how dumb of me of not thinking about it earlier.. YT is so much better than the written tutorial, cuz i am so stupid to understand what the writer want me to do, it takes me 2 days to understand what the heck is the writer trying to say.. hehehe..

Look out K-world here i come... hahahah

After school & Son Dam Bi ... AMOLADE

they are out with a new song AMOLADE and its actually for a commercial.. phone for samsung.. its like d lollipop song for LG.. Dambi got a lot of airtime cuz she's the spokesperson for samsung...


more info of this click here

Semester Break.. New group DNT

YEAH!!! i am done with my semester (for the time being) and now i am free... the bad thing is i will have limited internet access cuz no intrnet at home, what a bummer and that means that no k-pop news for me too... dying here..
so this is what i hve scoop up during my absences..

so here's the new group names DNT it stands for Dragon N Tiger.. there is not a lot of info about them only a hand full... here's their latest song crazilly pretty

Crazily Pretty


I had a lover

when i first heard this song it was sang by Junho(2PM) and his friend in the introducing a star friend and i just fell in love with it. i didn't know at that time who was the original singer, but when i was browsing the intrnt for DNT(i'm so luving the crazily preety song) i stumble up the song and i was shocked to discover that they sing it.. i was over the moon... here's the MV..

credit: SE3ST0RF4NSUB5

Saturday, July 11

2NE1 is out with a new single.. I don't care

2NE1is out wth their new single i don't care...enjoy the MV, credit YGS21RoyalAceSubs

and here the comeback stage on Mubank


wondersmurf.. r.ip.

bad news u guys wondersmurf or coolsmurf YT accnt had been suspended.. and now he's in the merajuk mode cuz all of his account had beeb removed, he said that he will throw in the towel for subbing.. oh man, that bad.. of all the subber for MV in YT i really like to read his.. just pray that he will o another accnt in YT.. so that we can enjoy more pf K-pop

it's been a while

it's been awhile since i check on my blog.. so much going on in my life rite now, examination is just around the corner.. i hve 2 submit my assignment, do my test... my god its endless... i'm not gonna gve a long dscrption on the post that i made... i just gonna post d vid and that's it.. sowy for not making times for you guys.. hehehe

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