Tuesday, April 2

Album and Photocard

Hello,  a few weeks I started to bid on ebay since I can't seems to find the photocard that I was looking for.

 3 boxes arrive today, I was over the moon. 


 This is two of the three package, the last one was HUGE and I was too lazy to take a picture of it. Both of these package was from ebay for my photocards.

The third box was from Synnara, I ordered 5 copy of Infinite New Challenge album. 

And now the Photocards. I've been waiting for this particular box for a long time (not really that long but I keep checking it everyday) because of Infinite H photocard that I have been waiting. Finally my collection are complete. Right now I have the full set of Infinite H, Infinite Paradise and Orange Caramel Lipstick. 

My full set collection

And now I have a new photocards that I want to collect. Its EXO-M and K (most probably) 

For now I only have the group and Kris Photocard. I'm planning to collect only type B since A are SO RARE.