Tuesday, December 21

Don't really know wat to say.. soo many things going on rite now..
with the theater being a big slop everything seems going at the wrong path..
not one person co-operative with one another, and all want their way of doing things rather than listening to wat everyone has in mind.. too much drama and why the heck hve i sign-up for this damn thing.. i hve tons of work to do besides completing everyone's work.. wat about my work? my assignment? they were happy enjoying their life and we the minority have to suffer during the weekend doing THEIR WORK! Damn YOU!!

Tuesday, December 14

SM The Ballad

New Semester

Wow.. hven't visit and post anything here for a long time..
much has happen from the last post..
to much to post here.. huhuhu..
btw my kpop addiction is still kicking and alive..
huhuhu.. bought a few album.. will update a new post wif picture..
continue tonite

Tuesday, May 18

life in LABUAN

so i've been super buzy this week.. i just arrive a few days ago.. and i'm currently buzy helping my cousin wif her preparation for her wedding.. the list is never ending.. ada ja yg mau d buat.. owh ya.. the instax camera CAN BE USE!!!! yes!! thanks to my uncle... thank god there's a engineer in our family.. kekeke.. so now i just hve to wait for the films.. hope that it can reach to my house by thursday, cuz i was planning to use it at my cousin wedding... hehehehe.. i would be walking around with a huge camera and people would be staring and saying "wat is the girl doing? is that a camera?? that is soooo old"

p/s:2morrow got facial appointment.. yipes..

Wednesday, April 21


The moment that i have been waiting has finally arrived.. kekeke.. a few months ago i bought a few CDs from a site.. it took her 1 month to post it too me.. its ok la cuz all the barang have to pre-order from Korea.. i'm super excited cuz i can now listen to my fav songs inside the car.. yipes.. rite now i'm planning to but 2PM new single albums.. hehehehe..









After School New Single




2nd cover back

2nd cover front

1st cover back

1st cover front

Wednesday, April 14

Jelly Lens

The parcel finally arrived after 1 week of waiting... akjnsajn.... all cuz of the admin fault.. i was super excited when i take the parcel.. i immediately open it in the middle of the road.. hahahahaha.. it comes with 4 type.. vignette, close up, wide angel and spark... huhuhu and rite now i'm planning to buy all 12 set of it... more money fly.. but its well worth it... hehehehe after seeing the reslut of the pic that i take using the jelly lens.. few of my fwen plan to buy it.. kekeke

The parcel... i waited for about 1 week after it sampai.. aisk..

The lens itself..

Monday, April 5

ITS FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So i was waiting for my UWS camera like forever!!!!!!!!! and finally it has finally arrived.. YEAH!!! (with minor problem from management wish is really like unacceptable). So as soon as i received the package i trus bukak.. walaupun dalam class... hahahahahah... i was suppperrr excited with it.. i was like soooo hyper and syok sendiri this... the funny thing is i don't really know how to load the film.. pabo of me.. LOL.. and i ask my friends ti help me.. kekeke and they also forgot how.. but thankfully from trial and error they manage to do it.. and now its time to TAKE SOME PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

Here's the pic of the package... excited!!!!

Inside it... the camera and the film.. Kodak Ultramax

the camera itself.... LOVE it soooo much....

Saturday, April 3

UWS & Jelly lens

In the earlier post i mention that i hve now take an interest in Polaroid pic rite... i was WRONG! it turns out that now i'm also interested in Lomo cam.... my.. my.. many la dis my duit terbang.. aisk... rite now i hve order UWS (Ultra Wide & Slim) by Superheadz from Filmsnap and Jelly Lens from The*Click*Shop i can't wait to use the jelly lens... its gonna be awesome cuz the lens would gve you different effect when u use it.. i have ordered 4 types and there is about 12 types of it and i plan yo BUY it all.. yes ALL 12 of it... kekekeke..

UWS come wif dic colour... got Black, White, Blue, Yellow, and Pink

And i hve decided to buy the YELLOW!!!!!! i like yellow.. striking what... kekeke

so i hve track the tracking number for my parcel and it says that the package has already reach here in UNISEL.. will check it out tomorrow.. kekekeke.. will update SOON... and Adrian just told me that he will be posting the Jelly lens by monday.. so i can received it on Wednesday... YES!!! more mail.. ehmmmm wondering when my postage from Korea gonna arrive ah??? next week???

Sunday, March 28

Polaroid Camera

The new rave of Polaroid and lomo has hit me.. kekeke.. only Polaroid la for me... So i was planning to buy the instax mini series.. but then i remembered that i already have a Polaroid camera at home.. kekeke.. so can save lots of money to buy the film which cost a fortune and to think that i got the camera for free.. kekekeke... few years back my dad bought me a camera and the store man gve the instax camera as a free gift.. wow.. i bet he's regretting it today cuz like everyone wants to take a polaroid now.. kekeke.. but the thing is, my camera is instax 200 and i can only find supplier for instax 210 film.. ehmmmm... so how ah??

Fuji Instax Mini 7s which cost RM250-300.. @_@

Instax 200 (the one at my home) the film cost about RM38 for 1 box equals to 10 piece.. @_@

I just get the feedback from lomo-craze.. YES!!!!! it can be use for instax 200... yipes... now hve to wait for the shipping fees for both stores so i can compare..

edit: so the shipping fees are RM6 and the other one is RM10.. but still don't know which one to choose.. ehmm...


So i just heard this news that DNT gonna come to Malaysia this April.. OMG!! Super excited about it.. been dreaming to see them for a year now.. can't believe its gonna happen.. but there's been a doubt on my behalf about it.. ehmmm.. but last year they did come to Thailand.. i hven't heard any confirmation from Orange Entertainment.. need to contact them.. and i also need to contact the event organizer.. takut its a rip-off like the FT Island and Paran concert..

P/s: the event also with Taegoon.

Monday, March 1