Sunday, January 30

Rainy day

Hari ini sya dan member sya kuar makan...
makan kat Sri Kampung Kuala Selangor..
after dat we head to Tesco, sharon me and ani was tired and suddenly
i rememver that tesco ada arcade..
from the car itself i shouted "I'm going to the arcade!!"
sharon pun excited.. d arcade was buzy and kmi dua orng ja grown up yg main game..
semua orng tgk2 ni.. hehehe :P
me and sharon play this 1 game.. sungguh best... we spent like rm20 just for that game.. will upload the vid later..

Sunday, January 23

Crying again..

What the heck is wrong wit me dis week..
i'vee been crying 3 times already...
i miss home... T___T..
i wanna go home... T_______T
i'm crying while looking for a ticket back home..

Thursday, January 20

Crying... T_T

Oh god.. wat am i doing rite now.. its 3 AM in the morning and now i'm crying while posting this post..
i don't know whats happening to me.. suddenly all the tears seems to be freeing themselves from my eyes.. knp sekarang??? i hven't cried for more than 2 months.. so maybe its time.. T_T
i miss my family rite now.. seeing the FB page make me miss them so damn much.. seeing their picture making my eyes full with tears... seeing their happy face without me in the pic.. T____T
i udah terlepas my cousin wedding.. i didn't attend it.. T___T seeing the wedding pic make me more T_____________T
i wanna GO HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, January 15


It was a few days ago when a few of my friends decided to splurge themselves with new things... ^^

So it was 5 of us.. Sharon, Bell, Ani, Yana and me were on our way to paint the town red.. (and we sure did) huuhuhu our destination is Sungei Wang.. one of the most promising mecca of shopping mall in Malaysia.. our aim is only i repeat ONLY yo buy Ani's new phone and some clothes for the TESL nite (which i don't even think of attending it, not my cup of tea) so when we was there Yana try to find a shop to fix her phone that has been KO for a few days... ( i told you to buy touch scree) next Ani's phone.. huhu.. then Sharon decided to enter a CD shop and she grab two movie.. hehe both are in Chinese.. :( then we jalan2.. as we all know that Sungei Wang is popular with its range of nice clothing/shoes/ bag etc.. and its CHEAP!! not that cheap la but still in our range.. so we were buzy browsing around.. i was torn between two pairs of shoes in VOIR.. mine you that i hve bought a pair of shoes a few weeks back and i hven't even wear it once.. yana keep nagging to me saying that "Ko tak pakai lgi kan kasut ko yg ari tu?" huhuhu.... and yet i still wanna buy a new pair of shoes.. i once bought a pair of shoes in the exact same shope and i only wear in 3-5 times.. :P

So i bli ja.. hahahaha.. then we round2 from LG to 1st floor.. may i remind you that Sungei Wang is not that small and we will masuk every kedai that catch our attention.. huhuhu.. owh ya.. when we was on the sme level as the vincci store Sharon had bought a baju and opposite of the shop is a denim store.. damn.. one of the sales person is CUTE!!!!!!!! well actually two of them but ani only notice one person.. :( and yes during our shopping trip, i was in heaven.. meeting all the cute guys.. :D and damn, there is one CUTE boy!!!!! he has this mix kinda face, like Japanese and Chinese.. * Squeal* I first notice him when me and Bell were on our way from CD shop to meet up with the other, he was with his friends (i think) at one of the many kiosk.. i made a little gasp when i first lay my eyes on him (OMG my word)
i told Bell but she buat xtau ja.. :( sobs... then we truskan our mission of finding bju for TESL nite.. at one of the store (costume store i guess, they hve lots of mask especially for masquerade.. nice..) suddenly the cute boy enter the store... damn i was spazzing so much.. i call up ani and told her bout the boys.. (yes, he's a boy.. not a guy.. i think he's 14-16 .. between that range *pedo mode*) and i think he notice and he keep smiling.. *squeal* ( ala, this would be the 1st and the last time we would meet.. so lantak la kan...) sye pun senyum je la... huhuhu.. after that we decided to take our lunch (it was 5, so tea??) in KFC.. i wanna see dung dung sai!!!!!!!!! it has been 3 years since i last saw dung dung sai.. WANNA SEE IT!!!! :( hate celebrating CNY here.. :(

So overall our outing was a SUCCESS!!!!!! we bought new things.. hehehe.. i bought two bag and 1 pair of shoes ( i wanna buy another 1 pair but they said NO.. :( )

Sunday, January 9

Instax mini 25

And now i can finally cross of Mini Instax 25 in my wish list cuz i hve OWN it NOW!!!!!!!
happy mode..