Sunday, December 6

After School Because Of You MV

After school has come out with a new single Because of you with a new members following the graduation of an old member

Its been a long time

I hven't update my blog in a long time.. well i guess i'm not an avid blogger am i? kekeke so much had happen since the last post.. and i'm still waiting (all of us are) hope its gonna change next year.. K-World has been cursed this year.. so much had happen and i just wish that it wouldn't continue to next year... if i hve 2 fill you up in everything... well that's gonna take a looooonnnnnnngggggggg post.. kekeke i think that's it from me..

Monday, September 21

Waiting for you-Park JaeBum


Friday, August 28


Just finish my 1st subbing project from KBSWorldSubs..excited bout it, its actually me 2nd project but i hve 2 turn down the 1st cuz of my intrnet cnntn.. hopefully the admin won't get angry with me... Hope that eric would be satisfy with the work that i hve done.. finger cross

Wednesday, August 26

Dirty eyed Girls.. A parody by 2AM & 2PM

its finally out!!!! Nothing much 2 say.. just watch it for urself... i note, to the people who has never knew about them, don't judge their character by this MV cuz its just a parody.. KWON u hella hilarious..

credit: time2sub


Just started my semester now, I'm in my third sem of my 3 years course.. It's already my second week, and the lecturer has started giving assignment to us.... i've got to do 2 paperwork and a presentation (2 be submitted my next week) above all that the internet connection here are soooo slow.... i've already turn down my big project at Haru2subs cuz i can't do with the Uni workload keep piling up.... i think i can work on the KBSWorld assignment.. Now that the DNT Forum is growing, we the staff hve decided to do a fan project (its not confirm yet) its all Hannah's idea.. I'm all up for it, but i may lack in the donation part (sorry you guys,i'm in a economic meltdown rite now) if other then that i'm willing to give my best to the project..

p/s: hope the fan project work out well, so that we can meet up with DNT hehehe... just like the korean fan, but if its asking too much they can just leave us a video message, that would make my day...

Friday, August 21

Brown Eyed Girls Abracadabra MV

Brown Eyed Girls are back with a new album, a new song and of course with a new image. The release of this album also saw a shift in the image of the group, as the members redefined themselves as independent and mature city girls, as opposed to the cuter image portrayed by many other K-Pop groups.

The release of the "Abracadabra" music video has sparked a lot of controversy. As the group is sporting a substantially more provacative visual style, criticism has arisen for the suggestive and erotic themes that the video presents. They later released a Stage version of the song that is just the dance.

This is the original MV for "Abracadabra". As you can see it has sooo many provacative scene that are acted out by the 'maknae' in this group.. Ga-In is the talented dancer from the group and she's the one that made the solo dance.


Monday, July 27

Coolsmurf is alive....

coolsmurf is dead alive yeah.. he has made a 5th accnt.. but he has made a decision to not subbed any more MV... sigh.. here's the new accntwondefulsmurf


I'm really into K-entertainment rite now, and i'm so crazy bout this variety show called Family Outing or FO in short, its like the best ever (in my opinion) here's the ramyunsoup to their YT accnt. this is their 2nd accnt cuz the 1st one got warning from YT so they have 2 made a 2nd accnt in order for the 1st one didn't get canceled, click ramensoup for the ist accnt...this is like the best show ever... i highly recommended it for you guys to watch it.. u would be laughing your heart out.. hehehe and i am here to spread the K-E love...

ok now my post is related 2 d title, i'm so in to this FO that i decided to become part of the subbing team, but i can't translate korea so i've decided to apply for a Timer, Typesetter, or even encoder post.. so right now i am googling about it in the web.. and then my cousin suggested to me a briliant idea "looked it up in YT" and how dumb of me of not thinking about it earlier.. YT is so much better than the written tutorial, cuz i am so stupid to understand what the writer want me to do, it takes me 2 days to understand what the heck is the writer trying to say.. hehehe..

Look out K-world here i come... hahahah

After school & Son Dam Bi ... AMOLADE

they are out with a new song AMOLADE and its actually for a commercial.. phone for samsung.. its like d lollipop song for LG.. Dambi got a lot of airtime cuz she's the spokesperson for samsung...


more info of this click here

Semester Break.. New group DNT

YEAH!!! i am done with my semester (for the time being) and now i am free... the bad thing is i will have limited internet access cuz no intrnet at home, what a bummer and that means that no k-pop news for me too... dying here..
so this is what i hve scoop up during my absences..

so here's the new group names DNT it stands for Dragon N Tiger.. there is not a lot of info about them only a hand full... here's their latest song crazilly pretty

Crazily Pretty


I had a lover

when i first heard this song it was sang by Junho(2PM) and his friend in the introducing a star friend and i just fell in love with it. i didn't know at that time who was the original singer, but when i was browsing the intrnt for DNT(i'm so luving the crazily preety song) i stumble up the song and i was shocked to discover that they sing it.. i was over the moon... here's the MV..

credit: SE3ST0RF4NSUB5

Saturday, July 11

2NE1 is out with a new single.. I don't care

2NE1is out wth their new single i don't care...enjoy the MV, credit YGS21RoyalAceSubs

and here the comeback stage on Mubank


wondersmurf.. r.ip.

bad news u guys wondersmurf or coolsmurf YT accnt had been suspended.. and now he's in the merajuk mode cuz all of his account had beeb removed, he said that he will throw in the towel for subbing.. oh man, that bad.. of all the subber for MV in YT i really like to read his.. just pray that he will o another accnt in YT.. so that we can enjoy more pf K-pop

it's been a while

it's been awhile since i check on my blog.. so much going on in my life rite now, examination is just around the corner.. i hve 2 submit my assignment, do my test... my god its endless... i'm not gonna gve a long dscrption on the post that i made... i just gonna post d vid and that's it.. sowy for not making times for you guys.. hehehe

  • do people read my blog.. heheheh
  • Saturday, June 27

    SNSD.. Tell me your wish (Genie) MV sub

    SNSD/Girls Generation have release their new single from their mini-album.. Tell me your wish (Genie) is it going to be a hit as GEE??? i pun xtau, haven't watch the MV.. there is a lot of leg candy in this MV, i'm sure a lot of ahjushi and oppa out there loveee the MV... hehehe


    credit to wondersmurf/coolmurf

    Friday, June 26

    SuJu @ Super Junior.. It's You MV, Dance & Drama version (sub)

    So this is their second single after Sorry Sorry.... I personally like this song.. there are only 12 member in this MV, Kim Kibum is MIA, he only made an cameo appearance without any line (does he sing in this song? i don't think so)in the MV, and a no show in the dance version.. is he that buzy? till he can't even participate in the group activities (same thing happen in the 1st MV, Kim Kibum is a no show in the Sorry Sorry MV) enough about me rambling.. so here is the MV.. i just take this from youtube.. credit wondersmurf a.k.a coolsmurf... ENJOY

    Thursday, June 25

    What Should I Buy? ahh paning....

    Its just a plan, and its not fix yet.. i'm planning thinking to splurge my money in some of the items that i've been eying for years... so here it is

    should it be:
    Nikon D40

    LG Arena

    for the camera i know it's kinda shocking, cuz even my fwen was shocked as hell heaven hearing me talking bout buying the camera.. no thanks to my dad.. he's the one who brainwashed me saying that camera like dat works like wonders, he especially keen on NIKON so that's why i prefer NIKON rather than CANON.. should it be NIKON or CANON... cuz my fwen suggested to me to buy CANON cuz she said byk spear part here in Malaysia..

    so please help me in making d decision????

    Saturday, June 20

    4 minute Hot Issue...

    It's seems like there is always a group that would show up in the kpop world.
    Just a few days ago an all girl group consisting of 5 member debuted.
    they named themselves 4 minute, under the management of Cube Entertainment (subsidiary of JYP Entertainment). Even before the debut they had created a lot of buzz (i think its because the former wonder girls member Hyun Ah).
    The member are
    Ji Yoon, Ga Yoon, Hyun Ah, Ji Hyun and So Hyun. There is a lot of critism for this new group saying that they are following the sytle of 2NE1 and After School.
    The group 1st performance was a downer (the sound system on Mnet is so horrible, even the performance by 2pm was a downer).
    the 2nd performance on MuBank was an improvement, for a new group to be performing on stage for the very 1st time, they seems to be at ease about it, i was expecting some of the group member to have the stiff facial expression (just like Uee from After School and Park Boom of 2ne1 on their first onstage performance) but they suprise me. So here it is the MV, 1st performance (Mnet) & 2nd performance (MuBank), you'll be the judge of it..

    Monday, June 8

    2NE1 Fire MV .... Enjoy

    2NE1 is a four-member hip-hop and R&B group composed of CL, Sandara Park, Park Bom and Gong Min Ji. The group is YG's new all-female group, which debuted in March of 2009. Though they are not officially debuting until May of 2009, they have already released a song with Big Bang titled “Lollipop”. Lollipop was released as a promotional song for a Cyon Cellphone CF. All 4 have been YG Trainees and have been preparing for their debut for 4 years. 2NE1 was previously promoted as Female Big Bang and 21, YG officially stopped using 21 because another group was using the name. 2NE1 is supposed to stand for “New Evolution of the 21st Century”. “NE” meaning “New Evolution” and “21” standing for the “21st Century”.
    this is their street version of this song.. if u look closely, u can see GD making a cameo apperance in this MV...



    Agak intersting tajuk untuk post kli ni... skng ni musim cuti skol,
    so d umah 2 byk la invitation 4 weddings day..
    like last week me mom and me dad received about 8 weeding invitation..
    wow.. banyak 2 tempat mau pe.. 2 pun dat day we sempat pe 6 places...
    and this week is my cousin punya weeding.. sayang nya xdpt attend cuz skng udah d Uni..
    a bit dissapointed di c2.. bleh dikatakan wedding ni grand sikit la cuz buat kat dewan...
    bukan sebarang dewan.. dewan UMSKAL.... hehehehe
    skng ni tunggu update dri kak ros 4 d wedding photos..

    Tuesday, May 12


    Nothing really dat has happen 2 me in d past week...
    just last week me, my aunt and my cousin went to Kota Kinabalu 4 an intrviw..
    actually it was 4 my causin.(saja ja ikut) and hari2 lain tolong my aunt with d preperation 4 my other cousin wedding.. but sayang nnti x dpt pe.. sob
    so skng ni help my aunt with all that i can...
    i hve watch Family Outing ep 43 last week...
    it was hilarious.. can't wait 4 d next ep.. bye all

    Monday, April 27

    Saturday, April 25

    After School Faighting


    After School 4 reaching your 100th day in the music industry

    After School MV

    I just love this song... "Diva Diva D D D Diva" so catchy.. hehe

    2 PM Again & Again

    Here is the MV for 2PM Again & Again... enjoy


    Skrng ni kmi bdk TESL sem 01 tgh ambl exam, yestrday English grammar. It was ok.

    Some of my fwen ckp it was an easy one.. ya rite (abis kpala ku pning m'jwb)
    xda lgi juice kan diparah... huhuhu

    and then at d aftrnon
    CD smpi.. weiseh... byk udah

    CD ni, nnti blk umah kanyang la diorng tgk CD yg ku bli..

    CD yg smpi smlm crta Beethoven Virus.. lom lgi tgk. mybe bla sampi umah bru mau liat...

    on monday we have 2 ppr to take,

    Mlysin Lit. &


    kungkam kpala.. mcm mn la ni nnt, skng ni kpala xmau stdy xtau knp.

    balk2 liat intrnt ja... mcm mn la mau jwb ppr ni??? insya-allah dpt nnti.. cuz kna bgi tips... so bljr ja la tips 2 kn.. ( ya rite karng kalo x kuar mcm mn, mti la aku ni_ mataina anaku suntok)

    After School

    New Pic from


    SuJu & 2PM

    so last night was the comeback show 4 the gruop

    2PM at Mnet... with the song

    Again & Again

    It was brilliant, I just love the crowd chant... GOD... it gave me goosebump..
    I wonder if

    BB fans chant as good as their fans. KUDOS 4 them... i love the dance move (tengok la undr cmpny apa.. JYP dat)

    On that show also kmpln Super Junior tlah mermps keddkn hit 1

    Son DamBi dgn lgu Sorry Sorry( love dat song)

    Friday, April 17


    Life is a foreign language; all men mispronounce it
    Christopher Morley

    Monday, April 13


    as you all know skng ni i kna korean wave... so here's d list of people or band yg slalu ja kalo buka intrnt search diorng....


    BIG BANG (ini semestinya.... love you BB)


    After School... the new sensation... best la lgu... diva is so catchy


    their song FAN is like the BEST.. wif the beat abd the meaning...
    (it is so me... hehehe)


    Started 2 listen to his song insomnia 2 night ago... 2nd time dgr dah blh mula humming lgu ni...


    started 2 listed 2 korean song coz of them... cuz my cousin keep singing nobody2 but you...
    it is so addictive....


    every time i watch their MV i cry.... best voice..


    what i can about them is dat (4 me la) they hve d same standerd as sg wannabe...
    suara yg best.... there's something there that i can't describe... hehehe

    ada lgi ni.. tpi xkan mau buat dlm 1 post... gla apa... (mybe la) huhu
    mybe mcm sikit ja kan.. but i bru ja discover diorng ni.. (well mostly all la.. this month.. so agak banyak di situ.. and each of them have album... (abis d download)

    iSlaNd GirL_s


    (The shoes that i've been drooling over)

    Last week ada 1 kwn ni ia ckp nmpk kasut yg aku mau... besemangat la ia bg tau....
    frust la dgr... trus weekend 2 turun MidV... raun la 1 MidV cari 2 kasut...
    ya allah... frust ja... jumpa 2 jumpa la... memang patern yg aku mau ni... harga udah murah..
    60% diskaun.... BUT... ia PIG SKIN LINING.. apa inda marah.. susah2 raound 1 shopping mall... jmpa 2 plang... tpi ada la jua good pointnya... dapat la jua pegang iphone, coz time 2 diorng buat showcase... ok la phone 2... sama ja mcm ipod tpi ada function phone ja... dalam hati ni masih lgi dambakan lollipop (no thanks 2 BB... y are u doing this 2 me... pabo)


    lpa pe MidV pe la Pavi... wow its BIG (my 1st time) so shock la cikit, coz dri luar mcm kecik ja...
    so me and my friend raun2 la.. pe forever21 jumpa 2 kasut harha rm200 (gulp..)
    wow.. punya main tinggi hills nya like 7 inci... gila... aku cuba pakai like 3 minutes udah sakit..
    apa lgi kallo di pakai berhari2... mati ku... (so d shoes ttp crta coz xjmpa pun)
    after dat we makan KFC and have ice-cream at baskin robins... (BB)
    after dat balik... uni.. (bu.....)

    Korean Wave...

    Bila ckp ja pasal korean wave.. i think mostly everyone know bout it rite...
    for the past months i've been hit by it.. xtau la knp lama sngat bru mau dpt tpi skng ni kpala x tentu arah ja... balik2 pe ja youtube search artis korea... sampai kawan pun naik muak.. tpi nasib baik la ada ju beberapa kawan yg sma kpala dng aku.. i think its all started wif BBF (no thaks 2 zati... ko punya pasal la aku jadi mcm ni) zati ni pun 1 tau udah aku lemah tegok llki handsome... ia bgtau plng 2 crta.. thak God crta 2 dah abis... kurang sikit beban... hahahaha beban apa yah...
    tpi skng ni gla kpop plng... mula-mula kena BIG BANG (sampai skng lgi masih gla dgn dorng... hari2 pe webfan... it's like i'm obses dgn BB) if i go on.. the list would never stop... its like evey week ada ja obsesion yg lain... blh jdi gla... memandang kan udah obses... 4 those who xtau sapa BIG BANG... mereka la the new korean idol..ada 5 member... ktua G-Dragon (G.D), T.O.P (Tabi), Tae Yang (Bae), Daesung (Dae), Sueng Ri (V.I)... skng ni diorng xbyk activities... coz next month diorang 1 month break, coz like it's been ages since they have their break.. but this olso meant album G.D lambat mau release... oh G.D..... kesian ko.. xpa.. aku akan sentiasa menanti mu... hehehehe


    If my info about them xckp.. rajin2 la google... hehehe

    Friday, March 13


    nothing 2 post...

    Friday, March 6

    Apple red

    skng ni kpla runsing coz skng ni ada buat side income... skng ni tgh jual bju from applered i'm the master runner... dis is the 1st time 4 me and 4 unisel 2 have it here.. so i'm a little bit nervous..
    i have never done a biz before dis is my 1st time... dah la my peranan besar.. skng ni bzy cri runner and try 2 sell as many bju as possible.. huhu
    any advise???


    so last week is our mid sem break.. so 1 week cuti la.. thank god la my mom turun kl
    so x boring la... dpt la tmpng sekaki wif my mom.. so my mom datang ari sab2... so dat day me and my fwen.. izati.. took d bas selangor 2 go 2 kl (by d way she's going 2 her hometown in pahang) so i turun la kat masjid jamek and try 2 check in kat palace hotel (my mom fav hotel in kl)
    dat nite my mom arrived we shared the room with her friend.. sampay lgi my mom shopping tudung kat jln TAR and Masjid India... huhuhu

    we went 2 low yat 2 buy a few things 4 a friend of my mom... smpt la lgi buy stuf 4 me... i just bought kaspersky internet security.. ok la d price... huhuhu usha2 handphone LG CYLON but malangnya kat sini dah tukar nma and xtau nama 2... balik dr lowyat trus surf d web.. trying 2 find d name... i think it is KF501 series... mau bli tpi byak org ckp it's not worthy... so xjdi la.. intrested mau bli ni opun coz big bang.... i'm going crazy about BIG BANG rite now.. just ask my fwen su... she's already fed up wif me coz i keep shputing big bang at our room... poor her... sowy su.. hope u x mind... (orng gla la katakan) huhuhuhu

    so aftr dat me and my mom went to SOGO... i bli 2 t-shirt... huhuhuhu 70%.. kalo sogo ni la kan xtau la bla diorng xda sale... ada ja sale bla smpi si2... on teusday me mom and me went 2 melaka.. we naik d KTM 2 seremban and took a teksi fron there... for 3 days and 3 nite 1 spent my time in the hotel room... there's nothing 2 do.. my mom was buzy wif her bisnss... nak jalan2 pun xde tmpt coz tinggl kat area chinatown... after dat we went back 2 kl for 1 nite and then d next day i blk pe hostel...

    so itulah yg trjdi pada cuti mid sem lps... huhuhu boring la jugak...

    iSlaNd GirL_s

    Tuesday, February 17


    2 la kan lama udah xpost anything kat sini...
    intrnt cnntn stink la d uni ni... bla weekend ja mesti xleh konek...
    skng ni pun xtau mau post apa...
    yg semestinya skng ni tgh gla crta khotboda namja..
    skng crta ni tgh tayang kat KBSWORLD pkl 9 mlm hari isnin and selasa....
    jdi kalo free2 2 tgk la crta ni best ke tahap dewa...
    skng ni lgi aku tgh dilanda demam Big Bang...
    (xkuat iman kalo tgk gmbr mrka)
    k la post nnti lgi
    iSlaNd GirL_s