Saturday, September 8

Drama - Answer me 1997

Its been ages since my last post here. It seems that I can't make my promise to write a post once a week. Sigh~ Life is too much of a work for me and i can't keep my promise to my blog. I finally have some time of of my hectic life to write one or two here.

Drama, K-drama to be exact is one of the main reasons why I am so into K-pop culture. The first drama that I have watch was Autumn in My Heart and it didn't last long since the premises of that drama was all about heart break, not my type of drama. The world is cruel enough as it is why do they have to make it more obstructs. Then came Full House, I was hooked by it with the simply and lite story line (Rain was the hero, who can resist him?) and since then I've been a constant follower of K-drama.

Few months back there was a windmill saying that Seo In Guk will be staring in a new cable drama (TvN). A cable drama was like a foreign subject to me since I've only been expose to the mainstream channel (KBS,SBS and MBC), so I was a bit skeptical in watching it but I'm putting all my faith in Seo In Guk,  I have been a fan of Seo In Guk since his Superstar K days, it's sad to say that there aren't many people out there who knows him.

The drama are based on the story of a relationship between friends in Busan where they discover Love, Friendship and K-pop craze. Sung Shi Woon played by Eun Ji A-pink is a HUGE fan of Tony H.O.T. together with her best friend Joo Yeon, they would scream in front of the television and going to concert cheering for their favorite idol . Shi Woon have a guy best friends Yoon Yoon Jae play by Seo In Guk. Yoo Yoon Jae is a smart students and have been keeping his felling for Shi Won for a long time.

I've been hooked with this drama since its first episode and I'm proud to say that I'm one of the few who saw the gem within this drama since its begin its broadcast, its one of the most light heart and at the same time heart gripping. The story have the premises of "How I meet Your Mother" into it. It keeps us guessing on whose the person and what had happen.

One of the factors that I love this drama is that the familiar faces that we know in the k-pop world. In every episode there would be a cameo appearance that make the story fun to watch, together with the songs from the the 90's that been incorporated in the drama as the OST we can easily realize how music has change dramatically since then, no more outo-tune no more hook just simply lyrics with good music that can touch our heart.

For those of you who have not watch Answer me 1997, go and watch it now. Its one of the good drama out there and you would be sorry if you miss it.