Tuesday, December 21

Don't really know wat to say.. soo many things going on rite now..
with the theater being a big slop everything seems going at the wrong path..
not one person co-operative with one another, and all want their way of doing things rather than listening to wat everyone has in mind.. too much drama and why the heck hve i sign-up for this damn thing.. i hve tons of work to do besides completing everyone's work.. wat about my work? my assignment? they were happy enjoying their life and we the minority have to suffer during the weekend doing THEIR WORK! Damn YOU!!

Tuesday, December 14

SM The Ballad

New Semester

Wow.. hven't visit and post anything here for a long time..
much has happen from the last post..
to much to post here.. huhuhu..
btw my kpop addiction is still kicking and alive..
huhuhu.. bought a few album.. will update a new post wif picture..
continue tonite